7:00 am to 9:00 pm(Earlier/later times can be arranged)

Sundays and Statutory Holidays:
Closed from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Dog Care


Breakfast6:30-7.00 a.m.

Supper5:30-6:00 p.m.

Half an hour later on Sundays

  • Dog's own food must be provided
  • If used, your dog's own bedding should be provided
  • Dog's own food bowl is required
  • Please do not provide toys/chews
  • Treats are on the house.


Per night (up to 24 hours)
One dog: $40.00
Two dogs: $36.00 each

Extended Stays:
15 to 21 nights
One dog: $36.00
Two dogs: $32.00 each

22 nights or more
One dog: $32.00
Two dogs: $30.00 each

Per day (Up to 12 Hours)
One dog: $27.00
Two dogs: $25.00 each

Day-Care Packages:
20 day pack: $300.00
12 day pack: $204.00
8 day pack: $152.00

What To Bring

  1. If your dog has his own special bed, please bring it with you.
  2. Please bring your dog's bowl and an adequate supply of the food your dog normally eats,with instructions written on or taped to the top of the container.

Introducing A Service Dog Special!!

To say 'thank you' for their service,commitment and dedication,all registered service dogs will receive two nights(48 hours)free of charge when they visit Little Village for their first time.

Facilities and Amenities

  • Open-plan house so the dogs have ample indoor space to find a favourite spot.
  • The furniture is sturdy:dogs who are used to lying on couches are free to do so.
  • A dog door allows my guests 24/7 outdoor/indoor access between the house and the 6 acre enclosure,to use at their own will.
  • Perimeter security around the 6 acre enclosure is secure:the fence is high,solid,and has 2 feet of fencing along the ground.The jumpers,climbers and diggers remain safe in my vibrant forest.
  • Winter heating temperatures are kept at a moderate setting for better health.
  • Only non-toxic,environmentally friendly and cruelty-free household and outdoor products are used.
  • Only reverse-osmosis drinking water is given in the house.


Unfortunately,because Little Village guests are housed in my home,I am unable to accept un-neutered male dogs older than 6 months as they tend to mark their territory even inside my house,which makes it unpleasant for everyone.

Because of the unstructured environment at Little Village where guest are given as much freedom as possible,it may not be a good fit for certain dogs.For this reason I insist on meeting your dog(s)first,so that we can ascertain whether your dog is likely to be happy at Little Village(for example:shy,unconfident dogs may not enjoy Little Village during peak times when the number of other guests may be overwhelming)and for you to ensure that you are happy with the concept of Little Village.

Special Needs

Little Village is ideal for overweight,hyperactive and traumatized dogs.

Overweight dogs benefit from one or two days Day-Care a week.They tone up before your eyes as they give themselves as much exercise as they can handle,purely by having fun.

Hyperactive dogs have the opportunity to let off steam,get rid of excess energy and wear themselves out,playing,running and exploring.They come home more relaxed and contented.

Traumatized dogs receive Appreciation Therapy-no pressure,no criticism,just appreciation for who they truly are and respect for their feelings.

Dogs under veterinary treatment:Prescribed mediation is administered in accordance with veterinary dosage and instructions.In emergencies we will contact your vet for advice and instructions.

Every dog will benefit from the freedom to express their!0 nature and to experience the joy of being a dog.